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Colon cancer treatment

Why does it have to be so Difficult finding the Right Colon Cancer Treatments?

Five years ago my friend Mona was just about the happiest person you ever met; she had a dream marriage, and her first baby was on its way. Right after her baby was born, and she was wheeled to the . . . → Read More: Colon cancer treatment

CT Airlink provides affordable door-to-door Transportation, Motor Coach, Bus Rental and Bus Charter Service throughout Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island. CT Airlink operates sedans to covering the Limo Service CT to Boston , John F. Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty (EWR), Hartford Bradley (BDL), Boston Logan (BOS) and Westchester County (HPN) airports. CT Airlink able to arrange CT limo and car services for tourism, business, wedding and more events.

Diet Delivery

An Idea that could give you a Fair Chance when you try to Lose Weight

I’ve been 55 and 220 pounds for about a year now, and at a point, I decided that I was done with living this way. Before New Year’s swung around, I promised myself I would come down to a . . . → Read More: Diet Delivery

Cholesterol Control

The Lesson of Vytorin in Cholesterol Control – it doesn’t Matter how Low your Cholesterol Count Is

Merck’s cholesterol control drug Vytorin is beginning to get attention for all the wrong reasons.Vytorin fights cholesterol with two compounds – Zocor to lower your cholesterol, and Zetia to help the body ignore the cholesterol . . . → Read More: Cholesterol Control

Birth Control

Control Your Life with Birth Control

Maybe you aren’t interested in having kids. Maybe the timing isn’t right. Maybe you’re waiting to meet the right person. All of these are good reasons to consider birth control. While, in the past, it was difficult to attain birth control in any shape or form, and there . . . → Read More: Birth Control

Hair Care Tips

The Major Salons are now Putting out Salon Quality Coloring Kits for Use at Home. You’ll get to see this at any major hair salon across the country these days –  their owners, or trusted assistants, go out all the time researching drugstore and department store cosmetics shelves, for home hair color and touchup . . . → Read More: Hair Care Tips

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

As time moves forward, more and more people are interested in youth and beauty. Okay, so this is not exactly a new thing, but it certainly seems to be getting more extreme as the years go by. Basically there is just a stronger focus on looking young and attractive. Unfortunately we all get older, . . . → Read More: Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Abdominal Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

You get up in the morning and look outside the window where you see a thick layer of frost covering the glass and what looks like ten foot snow drifts covering your driveway. The last thing you want to do is put on your layered workout clothes, pack your gym bag, scrape the ice . . . → Read More: Abdominal Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Signs of Teething

Though there are a rare, few babies born with a few teeth in their mouth, almost all babies are born toothless. They are going to go through what is called teething during their first few years of life -starting around four to six months of age. The very early signs of teething can be . . . → Read More: Signs of Teething

Antisocial Personality Disorder

What Antisocial Personality Disorder Is and Is Not. Every year, I host a St. Patrick’s Day party that all of my friends and family members really enjoy. This past year, I was talking to one of my friends whose husband never comes to the party and I asked her if everything was all right. . . . → Read More: Antisocial Personality Disorder

Cause of lung cancer

Smoking, the leading cause of lung cancer.

There are many diseases that are mysteries to us. Whether it’s the common cold, or influenza, or breast or testicular cancer, even the most common of diseases can flummox the medical establishment. Yes, we know how to treat some symptoms or remove some tumors, but we don’t . . . → Read More: Cause of lung cancer